Friday, March 26, 2010

Hill Climbing @ Cameron Highlands! :)

Climb climb climb, up the hill! =)

SU Kedah Camp 2010 @ Cameron Highlands
continuation. :)

I was leading a group, and a new camper arrived!... with Uncle Yeang Boon, Samuel is his name! =) And I was thinking to myself, finally! There is someone "old" in my group! =D
Ah, life for the campers was easy, compared to SUSOM. We only need to wash the cups, the plates, spoons and forks, the management will kao tim. But! Look at Joyce complaining... =P

Dia sikit pun complain dah... =P

Anyway, in the afternoon, we hiked up one of the hills in Cameron. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the hill we climbed. But I know, the route we took was the route that once STOOD a watchtower for tourists to climb up to admire the view of Cameron Highlands.

We had lunch at the park. And bare in mind, if you are under the sun too long, although it's cool, you'll get sun burnt (advice from Sarah! =D).
Thus... Begins our hiking journey...
The weather was prefect.

It was a sunny afternoon,
with tall trees surrounding us,
as we prod up the hill.
Some were sprinting ahead,
some lugged behind.

It was a pleasant a cool hike,
With a cool breeze now and then,

Up the rather little hill.

As we reached the peak,

We found out,
To our utter disappointment,

The sight of the watchtower, collaps
Eaten by termites!
And thus, our hike up for nothing. =(
The notice states, "Watch Tower Temporary Close. Work in Progress."
Work in progress, huh? There was no sign of work being done to restore the watchtower...
The "remains" of the tower.
Anyway, the group I was in, got lost in the jungle! O.O The group in front of us went so far ahead, until when we reached a path that diverged into two, we didn't know which to take. Therefore, I called Joyce! (Amazingly, the line at the hills are at full bar! ...with HSPDA signal some more!!! O.O)

When we finished the hike, some of the campers were looking for four-leaf clovers (which none of them found.. =D).
A three leaf clover.
At night, we had treasure hunt! We had some tricky questions, and a few weird places where they hid the clues..P.S. March march around the building 7 times! xD

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