Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kedah SU Camp 2010 @ Cameron Highlands! :)

Let's see... Once upon a time, in the wee hours of the morning of a Monday, 50 over people gathered together, and met in PERUDA because.......

.......Kedah SU Camp 2010 STARTED! =DI have not attended Kedah SU Camp since I was in Form 4? That time, it was in Harvest Heaven, Perak. I missed it when I was in Form 5 (Tapah) and Form 3 (Cameron Highlands).Getting back to Kedah SU Camp 2010... This year's was in Cameron Highlands (again..) in I.J. Barre! I think the number of campers is one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) in known history (to me =P). This year, we have a fully loaded bus, and 4 additional cars (not to mention that one of them is a Toyota Unser!) And oh, I was sitting in the Toyota Unser (so I don't know any stories that happened in the bus!).

Wondering why I got the chance to take a picture of the tollgates?
The tollgate after Sungai Petani...
We stopped here because.... Pastor and Uncle Kenny had to pick up campers from Sungai Petani!

We made a few stops here and there... There was one time where Aaron had to do big business, therefore a special stop was made for him. Then, we stopped at the scheduled stop for refreshments and refreshing up. Another stop was lunch, before going up Cameron Highlands... =)
Yi En just loves the pillar... =DYi En trying to harden her melted chocolate bar... = =

I.J. Barre! I arrived there earlier than the bus (of course, the bus had to slowly lug up the hill).The first thing we did, ICE-BREAKERS! It's a tradition start for every camp (I think, I can't think of a camp that I attended which didn't start with ice-breakers.... except SUSOM of course, but it's not a camp anyway, it's a programme... =D).
Ice-breakers... =D
Ah, I think I'll blog about the important highlights of the camp later... =)
Who is cuter? The dog... or Aaron (boooo!) LOL! (Joking! =P)

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