Monday, March 8, 2010

SUSOM KL Outing!

17.01.10 Sunday

Today was our first church deputation trip out to KL. The 6 of us, were split into two groups, so that SUSOM could attend more churches. So, we pushed off at about 9.
Leaving SU Office...
My group, Xiu Ying and Joshua, with Sieh Jin and Jennifer headed of to Tamil Methodist Church, where Sieh Jin would share the message to the congregation, and the SUSOMites would perform a song and one of us would share our SUSOM testimony.

Going to Tamil Methodist Church wasn't very much different my own home church, after all, mine is a Methodist church too! And I think the order of worship of most or maybe all Methodist churches are the same, so, I didn't get much of a shock or anything. I felt quite at home!
Tamil Methodist Church, KL.
Setting up the book table...
After the service, we had lunch in Brickfields itself. We had free time until dinner time after church. Jennifer and Daniel Koo had given us a choice to either spend the day at a mall, or go back to the SU Staff House and relax earlier on.

Before this, we already had a long "debate" on which mall we should go, and since Tong and Deborah were both KLians, we asked them to suggest a suitable mall for us, and it was decided that we would go to Berjaya Times Square. It would be our first and last outing trip together in Malaysia in a mall. =)

After lunch, we took the LRT (I think) from Brickfields to Berjaya. The mall was so full of people! I wonder how people can stand being in crowds, I know I can't. We played bowling @ Berjaya, it seemed to only thing that we could do together other than eating together.
Joshua bowling...The end result...
We had to rush back to the LRT station after our outing at Berjaya though, because it started to drizzle, and look at Xiu Ying, she looks so happy when she is running in the rain! =PThe one thing I hate about KL is, when we take a transit from one LRT to another, we have walk such a LONG distance to the other LRT!

We had a little debriefing after dinner, before calling it a night! =) Thus, ends the first week of SUSOM!


deborahhhh said...

Not every so called change btw trains requires a long walk! :) it's actually very convenient

Daniel Ting said...

maybe i'm just not used to it?