Saturday, March 27, 2010

Humongous Pipe!

Look at this pipe! It's huge! I could just walk right in (with a little bending though.. hehe...)

I was tempted to walk in, but unfortunately there was a gap between the pipe and where I was. Btw, this was taken in Cameron Highlands during SU Kedah Camp 2010. And fyi, this pipe is located at the park.
I wonder what mysterious creature is lurking in there... Can you see a light coming out from the hole?

I played with my camera's exposure settings, and I managed to get a shot of what was ACTUALLY inside (lol..).
I think it's more pipes inside? And either a wire or a water pipe? But I think it's a wire, it looks too thin to be a water pipe.

And oh, I was thinking, imagine if the water was coming out through the pipe at full capacity, wouldn't the park beside it be flooded? = =