Thursday, March 4, 2010

Supplements & Vitamins?

The SUSOMites had an outing at Berjaya Times Square after the church deputations in KL. Deborah pointed this out to me...Vitamins & Supplements are "Chips more, Koko Jelly, Cookies etc.."???

According to the Cambridge dictionary, vitamin is defined as "any group of natural substances which are necessary in small amounts for growth and good health of the body", and supplements is defined as "something which is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it".

So, by eating these stuffs on display will make me healthy? I think I would not mind... =P


xy said...

You said: supplements is defined as "something which is ADDED TO something else IN ORDER TO IMPROVE it or complete it".

the cookies and junk food are supplements to you, because it is ADDED TO you IN ORDER TO IMPROVE your weight. =P

Daniel Ting said...

let me see u try that...

Celina Eshlyn said...

lol~! gud1!