Saturday, March 13, 2010

SUSOM @ KT! (Continued...)

I haven't been updating much about SUSOM lately. I've been rather lazy and busy with getting my SPM results. For older posts on SUSOM, click here.

I'll fast forward a little, because the things we do in PJ are almost the same as the things we did in the first week.

21 January 2010
After our KL church deputations trip, our next trip would be to the East Coast, Kuala Terengganu! As usual, after breakfast, we headed to SU Office to load up the barang-barang and our luggage into the vans and cars. We were going in three different cars! One car belonged to SU, another FES, and the last car belonged to Jennifer. I was to sit in the FES car, the Toyota Unser with Jing! Uncle Jason was to drive, with Sieh Jin as his co-driver.
Heading to the SU Office with our luggage..We prayed before we left.
And I think Jing enjoyed being my partner in the car, right? She wanted to be taken pictures of over and over again.. =P (I had nothing to do in the car, so, I just took anything I saw, and Jing was so "desperate" to be taken picture of. =D).
One of my few photos.. =P
We had a short pit-stop after a toll (which toll I can't remember) for lunch. But all I can remember was, the highway was so NEW, but so EMPTY! And the stores at that rest area wasn't quite fully occupied, and there were no Chinese food sold there! So, all of us had to settle with either bread or nasi lemak.
The SU Staff taking photo of us...
I slept awhile after that, and when I next opened my eyes, KUALA TERENGGANU! =)
I think this must be the "china"town of Kuala Terengganu.
We were staying in an apartment, owned by one of the church members of the local church we were going to visit. After we settled down, we decided to "hunt" for our dinner!
The view from the apartment... (We were staying on the 11th floor)
Having our first dinner in KT... with a doctor (a friend of Sieh Jin's).
The food there was... not bad!

After dinner, we headed of to AOG Lifeline Church, to attend their Chinese Service, and Deborah would be sharing her SUSOM testimony! =)

I think the congregation of the church were very responsive? Uncle Jason talked about the rich man who had plenty of harvest but did not have enough place to store them. It was a good problem for that man, but he got greedy. I think many of us have these kinds of problem. I think we saw the power of God working in them that night! =)

Lifeline AOG Church Members buying books...


Jing said...

yeah. Jing was sooo desperate to have Ting take a thousand pics of her. Totally. *note the sarcasm*

You cost me my sleep man! haha. But, yeah, I did enjoy being in the same car as you, could have talked more though. haha

Anonymous said...

lol....u both....