Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Week Has Started!

Weekends are over! And school starts again! *Groans* I felt very tired today in school. Don't know what was wrong. I slept pretty early yesterday. *Wonders*.

School today was... normal and uneventful. I wish school was more exciting. Everyday in school would be an adventure. But... *Sighs* it's always the same.

My first two periods were Sivic. I can call this two periods a waste of time. Why do we even learn this subject for? *Shakes head* We already have moral. After that, another two periods of Malay. She added more homework to my homework pile. T.T Another essay to write.

History... Double Physics... Maths... Moral and English... went on fine. Haih. But loads of homework. My current homework pile:
  1. 12 Moral Folios * Groans*
  2. 2 Malay Essays *Groans even more*
  3. 1 English Essay
  4. Biology Notes.
  5. Physic Notes.
  6. History Notes.
These are my school homework only. Haven't add on my tuition homework. *Faints*


tRaCy K said...

u want school to be an adventure?
good...then u should suggest that ur school to move to hutan..
then everyday also adventure...xD
plus...12 moral folio??whutt?u mean 12 book of that?

Daniel Ting said...

yeah... it should be... if not very boring...
the kerja amal and tugasan lorh...

tRaCy K said... bad mine is still with the teacher..haha...