Monday, February 16, 2009

Do YOU Care Enough To Be Involved in God's Work?

I learnt quite a lot through Uncle Alan's semon last Sunday in church. He's from the Scripture Union Malaysia (SU). He talked about Nehemiah Chapter 1.

Nehemiah was a person who cared enough to do God's work. He accepted the responsibilities to rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. Jerusalem at that time was a city without walls. At that period of time, a city wasn't called a city unless it had walls. Walls at that time played an important role, it was like a barrier to prevent the enemy from rampaging the city.

Nehemiah was a person who cared to be involved in God's work. Nowadays, people try not to care, or rather just buat muka caring. They can't even care for others, what more for God's work? I ask you, when a person asks "How are you?" and you reply him "Thank You. I'm not fine." How will he react? Will he pretend not to care? Or pretend that he didn't hear? Or just find an excuse to escape?

Nehemiah, was a man that consistently prayed too. I think this was why he succeeded. He prayed before he took action on something. And we, as Christians, should follow his example. Shouldn't we?

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