Friday, February 13, 2009

An Attempt On A Factual Essay...

I was given this question. And I decided to attempt this question the best I could.

"The media not only transmit information and culture, they also decide what information is important. In that way, they help shape culture and values. Do newspapers, magazines, television, radio, movies, the internet and other media determine what is important to most people?"

Are our lives influenced by the media? there are so many medias around us; the television, newspapers, radio, magazines, the internet and others. Most people are influenced by the media, the believe what the media projects and often do not take time to analyze or ponder more about it, nor looking it from a different perspective.

We are what we see and hear most of the time. Why do I say so? People are easily affected emotionally. A movie can portray many things that seem cool but yet at the same time harmful to us. For example, in a James Bond movie, you'll see James Bond posing coolly puffing away a cigarette. People watching this would like to emulate his "cool factor", making him their idol. This clearly indicates, the media does determine what is important to people. Movies can be also a fashion statement, the brand of clothes he wears from example. Who wouldn't want to have the phone James Bond uses in his movies? Or wear what he wears? The people after watching his movies, would be very taken up by him, and surely would want to dress and the gadgets he uses.So, aren't we what we hear and see most of time?

Another media that can influence us daily is the radio. Sometimes, companies will place catchy advertisements to make people sing to it. In this way, the people would want to find out more about this product they are advertising, and would most probably buy it even though it's good or bad. This is also so, because these advertisement would be played through your brain because it will be played through the radio again and again. And the radio is something we listen to almost everyday.

People read newspapers everyday to find out what's been happening lately around the world and country.Sometimes, newspapers can create biasness towards certain things. For example, sometimes, newspapers can be bias to a certain political party, it'll become a political gimmick. A hidden propaganda is hidden in the newspaper article. Once the people read it, they might get influenced and vote for that party.

So, our lives are clearly influenced by the media. What do you think?

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