Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another LONG day at school! [Day 16]

School. Again. Sigh! Will it never end? I hope I'll not regret for complaining to hope for school to end faster in the near future...

What's better than starting school with 2 periods of PSK? I don't even know why the government implement this subject. It's pointless. If have moral, why still have PSK, or vice versa? As a student, preparing for spm, I need not another unnecessary subject to clutter up my brain... Haih...

After that, I had double BM... I really salute this teacher... She is so dedicated. Even when my fellow classmates are talking and not paying attention to what she teach, she still teaches on, although she may sometimes seem fed up. She has not given up on us. I salute her!
Note: I DO listen to her teach. =)

I had history after that. She has started on the sub-topic, about nationalism. I shall blog about that later...

After recess, I had another double period. Physics this time... She did not get a chance to masuk our class last week, because the first time, we had a change of timetable and the second time was, because we had a how to answer history questions in SPM seminar.

My Maths teacher has started teaching Additional Mathematics, Chapter 3 Integration. Why does this chapter be so confusing? Hrmph! Moral teacher as usual did not enter class. Biasa already with him not entering class... LOL!

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