Monday, February 9, 2009

How Can School Get Any WORSE???

The paddy farmers nearby my school are burning their crops they recently harvested. The smell of smoke is HORRIBLE!!! Why do they need to burn them? Why not make them into a hay-stack for animals to eat? Why pollute the already polluted earth? Do they need to make the environment any worse?

I have a super sensitive nose some more... I had difficulty breathing in school. Haih... I pity those who had to run during their PJ periods today. They had to inhale the smelly smoke...

Today, there was assembly again. == Always sit there and listen to the teacher talk talk talk. Mr. Sang did a long report on the behavior of the students last week though. Every week, the PKs and HM will talk about the school rules, or students caught during wrong, or the events coming up... Haih...

Classes in school today went on rather normal... Loads of homework though. My homework pile:
  1. 12 Moral Folios.
  2. Bio Notes.
  3. Additional Mathematics.
  4. 2 BM Essays.
  5. 1 English Essay.
  6. Malay Tatabahasa.
  7. Chemistry Exercise.

And tomorrow, there shall be new students entering my class, from 5F1, because 5F1 has been broken apart. Because so it seems, the PPD only allows 8 classes to be opened. ==


Jian said...

its simple. when u burn, the soil becomes more fertile. more fertile soil means better harvest next time. better harvest means more income. who on earth doesn't want that?

AJ7 said...

but burn - bad for environment lah... very bad. More money but o health. No good... LOL!

Jian said...

Very true. But to those people, who cares bout the environment when wealth starts pouring in. To them, more money makes the world go around!