Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Day @ School... [Day 18]

Haih... There was a seminar that we form 4 and 5's were FORCED to go today. So boring. The seminar was about studying in Taiwan. We were supposed to have PJ during that time. Haih. T.T

The seminar lasted for 3.5 periods. Meaning no Chinese and Mathematics period. ^^ My BM teacher taught about Malay literature today. Sien... Every week learn about Malay poems, short stories and stuff...

After recess, I had double Bio, which I'll be having again tomorrow morning. Haih... He taught about the formation of interstitial fluid. I going to DIE needing to memorize so many FACTS!!! After that was double Physics. Brain FREEZE! 2 heavy subjects together is not a good idea.

I had extra school activities today. I personally think that, extra school activities are a waste of time. Why have them when we are not going to anything anyway? No use sense de the school...

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