Saturday, April 10, 2010

SUSOM @ Kuala Terengganu Continuation...

I know SUSOM has ended long time ago... But I must keep my promise to myself and the other SUSOMites, that I'll blog about SUSOM till the very end. =)

Let's see, where did I stop in the last post? Oh yes... Kuala Terengganu!

22 January 2010
We're still in Kuala Terengganu! =D

We were pretty busy today. The 6 of us were going to be split into 3 teams, and in each team, they will be either 1 or 2 Scripture Union officers. I was paired with Deborah Y, and we were to go to Lifeline AOG (again!) English Service. Sieh Jin and Daniel Koo would be following us.
Daniel Koo sharing about Scripture Union.
And, I'll always remember this service, it's the first time I've ever stood in front of the church and shared something that was about me.
Anyway, we had lunch at McDonald's. And did you notice that there is a Jawi signboard for McD? The first time I ever saw one in Malaysia.

After lunch, we had free time till at night. We had an invitation for dinner by the priest of St. Andrew Anglicans' Church. =) So.... during the free time, we played cards and at about 5, we headed to the beach! =D

Having tea below the place we stayed before heading off to the beach...
It's also my first time at Kuala Terengganu's beach. And mind you, the waves here are much stronger than the Batu Feringgi beach in Penang. Mainly because it's facing the open sea and the beach in Penang is rather protected.
Tong playing with his "electric guitar".
SUSOM 2010!
Ah, posing at the beach.
Important fact:
Do you know why there was a nickname called KooLai?

This picture says it all.. =D
Koo->Lai, inseparable. =P
Anyway, that night, we had a dinner invitation by the priest (not pastor) of St. Andrew Anglican's Church. The dinner was fantastic, the best dinner in the past two weeks (that's what I wrote down...) =D

One for the album!
SUSOM 2010! It ROCKED! =DMiss You Guys! =)


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