Monday, April 26, 2010

A Note I Wrote on the First Day of NS...

First Day of National Service.

At 8 o'clock, the sun shining. There was I, lugging my bag and pail along, to the stadium, where the buses to NS would be, waiting for the unlucky trainees who got selected.

I went. I saw. Buses. Loads of them. Zhean Wei was already there. He had already registered. And his was the first bus, leaving me and Poh Khoon behind on the second bus.

I arrived at Kem Dusun Minda Resort, Kuala Nerang an hour later. My first thought. Doomsday. I'm like a fish out of water here. I was surpised to see trainees there already. It seems that the Ipoh, Sungai Petani, Kulim trainees had already arrived. Oh, I thought, the Alor Setar group was the last to arrive.

Thank goodness I had friends from my ex-school, Zhean Wei and Poh Khoon. Without them, I think life for me here would be more miserable. And the other trainees seemed to have their own cliques already. :S Ah... making friends was never easy, especially when you are an introverted person.

Life sucks here. The toilet is dirty (probably because it has not been cleaned or used since the last batch of NS), the water in the kolam is yellow... How can one survive? Home... is a MUCH MUCH better place! =[ I guess I just have to pull through till NS ends? Just another 70 days. :S

I can't wait for form 6 to start! (And I seriously can't believe I'm saying this) Studying seems so much more FUN than this.

Going on to food. It's okay I guess? Fish, meat, veggies and fruit? And, that's what I'll be eating for the next 70 days of my life. :S

After lunch, my hair!... that took so long to grow after SPM, has been cut! T.T Anyway, the rest of the day basically was free time. And tomorrow, all activities shall start. :S
And now, I have completed 1 month of NS, and I must say, my views of PLKN has changed COMPLETELY from the first day I stepped in it. I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. The fun activities will be starting after semester break, and I am looking forward to some of it.

But alas, decisions have to be made to. To study or not to? And, I've decided to get out by May 10th to study. A right decision? I hope.

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