Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PLKN CASE 4: The Keeping of Handphones.

CASE 4: The Keeping of Our Handphones! For the whole list of cases, click here. Out of the 5 cases, I think I'll blog about 4, one of them seems inappropriate to be blogged about (only those who know, will know). =D

Today was the day the camp commanders decided to confiscate our phones, for the time being. This camp had a known history of not keeping the handphones of the NS trainees, compared to the other camps.

Reason? There were many speculations made by the trainees on why our handphones were taken back. One of the many theories formed were one of the trainees were playing with their phones and did not call out a greeting of respect to the jurulatihs and tuans. Another speculation that was going around was the camp commanders wanted to stop the smuggling in of cigarettes. And from now, our phones would be with us from Thursday night to Saturday night (which was sadly changed to Friday afternoon to Saturday night later on). And, that's why our phones were taken. =(

And because of that, we Christians were late going to church! Earlier on, Jared, Benjamin and I had negotiated for the change of church; from Wesley Methodist Church Chinese Service to Wesley Methodist Church English Service, with the Timbalan Commandant, and he had given us green light. And today, when we asked the Urus Setia whether we were going to the English Service today, she said she hadn't any news, and the Timbalan Commandant was not around, and you know what she said? She said "Never mind larh, if this week cannot go church, no need go, next week only go pray." (Translated from BM) I was like, "WHAT? Just yesterday the Timbalan Commandant was talking about our haks sebagai pelatih PLKN, and now you talk like this?" I was so PISSED!

Finally, we managed to get to church, but we were a whole hour late, which was a pity. There was an invited speaker from out-of-town, and I think his talk would have been a rather interesting one. And guess what, the bus came and pick us a whole hour late! Come also late, go back also late! ARGH!
Interesting? Come to PLKN, and experience weird experiences. And you'll learn to stand up for your rights. =)

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