Friday, April 30, 2010

PLKN Friends! =D

I must say having new friends in NS has made my days in National Service pass much faster (MUCH MUCH faster) than I imagined it would be. Comparing to the first few days in NS, time was passing very VERY SLOWLY for me. And the only people I hung around were my two schoolmates, and fyi, one of them has already left. And it was a little hard for us to get to know the other people, because we were all introverts. Now, time is now literally flying by me. I can consider myself having a good time in NS. And, I SERIOUSLY can't imagine that a month of NS has already passed by.

This some of the pictures I took with my friend's camera. =D
This is Jin Xi (Perlis), Jared (Kulim), and Dave (Sungai Petani).With the other Chinese guys... (Sorry... I'm not into posing =D)Monkey and Rav.Notice that we have a guitar there...? It's Jared's! =D
At nights, we have basically nothing to do, when the Muslims go for their daily night prayer. We occupy ourselves with chess, UNO and the guitar! =D


Stanley YZP said...

i like that word.. Monkey. After NS there is no more Monkey. hahaha Miss those days. just saw your blog after 7 years


Wish you well in your career wira

Regards Monkey

Daniel Ting said...

Oh wow Stanley. I didn't realise how time has flew. It has been 7 years after NS.

How's life?