Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PLKN CASE 2: The Spot Check Till 2 a.m.

PLKN Case 2: The Spot Check Till 2 a.m.! For the whole list of cases, click here. For Case 4, click here. =D
What caused the spot check? And why was it till 2 a.m.? I think most camps don't do such spot checks? It so happened that one of the trainees reported to the jurulatihs that there were trainees smoking in the cottages. The reason it was reported because that trainee couldn't tahan the smell of the cigarette smoke. And thus, the ketua jurulatih launched a full scale spot check for GUYS only. The girls were excused, and could go back to their respective cottages to sleep. (=S No fair!)

And thus, at about 11 plus p.m., the spot check begun. All of the guys were in their respective groups sorted to their respective cottages. A whole company of guys took about 45 mins, and there were 4 companies. Imagine that. By 1 a.m., a sight of wiras could be seen lying on the tar road sleeping. =D

The spot check ended at about 2 close to 3 a.m., and we slept for about 2~3 hours before getting up for the following day's PT Pagi. Argh!

The weird cases of PLKN! :S


koru said...

yep..but its better than they do the spot check in the afternoon...=s

siehjin said...

blog about case 5! it sounds the most interesting. hehehe =P

Daniel Ting said...

koru: yeah! agreed. but only after 11, there is free time avaliable... what to do...

siehjin: haha... but it concerns a few people that might drop their maruah. haha.

siehjin said...

of course don't mention people's names la... no one will know who they are, so maruah tak jatuh. =P