Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Youth Seminar in KT (SUSOM =D)... [Part 1]

Notice: This is going to be a super long post! =D In my book that I used to record what happened from day to day, it was 9 pages long! =O Happy reading. =)

23 January 2010
Ah! Everyone woke up early today! Why? Because we're going to KUANTAN! And we need to put our bags into the cars.

Breakfast, was at the market. And oh, there is one thing you shouldn't order in Kuala Terengganu, and that's their "char kuey teow". It was just horrible! =S

We headed to St. Andrew's Anglican Church for a youth seminar after breakfast. But we were early and the church was locked. So, guess what we did...We lepaked in the store right next to the church that was selling bathroom stuffs! =D (And who said Jing wasn't photogenic =P)
St. Andrew's Church.
At 10:15 a.m. sharp, the seminar started with a time of prayer and worship. It was a little impromptu though, because the youth of the St. Andrew's Church wasn't told that they were to lead in worship. In the end, they used the worship songs from previous Friday Church Service.
The youth... leading in worship! =)
Worship ended exactly as scheduled! O.O The first session out of five was led by Sieh Jin. All the sessions were based on the theme "Reach Out!". His session was entitled "Intro into Evangelism". He taught us about the methods of evangelism, through events, friendship, power, care, personal and media. That got me thinking about MYF. MYF has tried reaching out to people through events (MYF Christmas Party 2009), and I must say, it was a great success, and this Easter 2010 (it has passed though! XP It was a thought at that moment), we must try it again, REACH OUT! =D He also gave us examples in the bible where he asked us to act out the character out based on the passage. It was quite fun! I think it really set the mood of the youths attending the seminar.

After Sieh Jin's short sharing, we, SUSOMites did a short skit entitled "Heaven and Hell". =D

After the skit, Daniel Koo took the next session entitled "Understanding the Gospel of God".Before he started, he broke us up to groups and asked us to think of questions non-believers would ask about Jesus. In only 5 minutes, surprisingly, we came up with tons of questions. And surprisingly, most groups had jolted down Trinity of Christ (something I did not expect) in one of the questions most asked by non-Christians. My friends in school usually ask about the restrictions of what a Christian can eat or do, or what is church service about,... etc. But through the years, I have never encountered a friend of mine asking about the Trinity of Christ.

So, the first common question asked by non-believers; "Is there a God?". I think if I were a person looking for answers about God, this is the first question I would ask. Logical, right? So, as a Christian, how would you answer such a question?

Daniel Koo thought us 4 different methods; causality, rationality, morality and purpose.

The first method, causality. A method I think I would most use to answer such a question. First, ask yourself, if there was not a God, nothing created everything around us. Every single thing around us is a result of random occurrences, including yourself. Doesn't make sense right? So, if there was a God, everything is created by Him, for He is the Prefect Designer. Logical? Yes, I think so.

The second way, rationality. Using this method, if everything was not created by God, everything is an accident? Do you think this is a valid explanation? No, right? How can everything be created through accidents? Surely there is a smart designer and inventor behind it. If your rationality is randomly established, do you think your rationality is rational enough to judge the rationality about the existence of God?

Coming to the third method, morality! If there is no God, there is no moral consciousness within us, right? Because we are the results of random genetic exchange which to me, doesn't make sense, because we have morale, if we don't have moral consciousness, why are we learning Pendidikan Moral in schools? So, if there is a God, we are made in the image of God, with a moral consciousness.

The last method, purpose. If there is no God, we are purposeless, we are born just to live and die. We are just like hungry animals looking for food, merely just to pass time. But! If there is a God, we are created in His image and we have a purpose in life, to live for Him and try to lead a life according to Him.

Anyway, the next question a non-believer might ask would be "Aren't all Gods the same?". My personal opinion would be no, each religion has different moral principles and different restrictions. Do they look the same? Do they teach the same teaching? Many tend to think religion equals to moral education and tend to think they need not teach their kids anymore moral values because they have a religion, which is untrue, right? Because to have anything involves learning.

So, after asking that question and looking at the many religions of the world, which religion is the religion with the true God? Most religions have the tendency to claim a negative perspective on other religions. No religion supports another religion, because it is just merely impossible with different moral principles and all. And to determine which religion's God is the real God is also quite hard, because, if there is a God that is proven to be real, no other religions could exist. But, among all the religions, I find Christianity the most logical of them all.

Anyway, more about this seminar in my next post! =D


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