Thursday, April 29, 2010

SUSOM 2010... [Kuantan]

SUSOM! Ah… It seems just like yesterday I was in Kuantan with Jing, getting our testimony about SUSOM ready for church deputation in Kuantan Baptist Church. Memories and experiences, I have, and learnt, that shall always be close to my heart. =)

All of us had to wake up early today. The 6 of us, were split into 3 groups, and were to go to 3 different churches. My church deputation partner today would be with Jing! And we were to attend Kuantan Baptist Church with Sieh Jin and Jason. By the time we left, the first group had already left.
Kuantan Baptist Church is like Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar… located in shop lots. It looked small from the outside. But when I stepped inside, my first impression of it was HUGE! Maybe it was because of the way it was furnished that made it look bigger. Jing and I did our testimony interview style. I think it was okay…? You should ask Jing what she felt it was. Sieh Jin preached the same message he did in Tamil Methodist Church in KL. The book table was set up as usual, and I think the response was pretty good. And guess what, there were refreshments after the service. It seems to be a routine here. I think it's a good way of fellowshipping. It's a good idea. I think churches should practice this, but it'll make the church broke. Haha…

A funny thing happened though, while we were having our refreshments. Before we came here, I was asking Jing, why they didn't invite us to join their youth which was after church service, like the other 2 churches the other 4 SUSOMites went. And it so happened that the speaker which was to speak couldn't make it and the youth counselor asked Sieh Jin to take his place. =D My wish came true. =)
Jing sharing.
I was shocked to see such few youths joining youth service. Maybe they aren't many youth Christians in Kuantan. But, we were totally unprepared though. We played a game, the game that Tong and Deb wanted to play with the youth service they were attending, and the loser had to do butt writing. =D (My group won! =D) And after that, we shared a little about our testimony and Sieh Jin shared about SU. But I think, the youth still managed to learn some things from us and know more about the works of SU. =)

After youth, we joined the others for lunch. We were invited by one of the Presbyterian Church's member. The chicken rice I had there was superb. How I wish the chicken rice in Alor Setar was as nice. Hm… And, our work in Kuantan was done! =D Time to head back to PJ!
But before that, we made a pit stop in FELDA Residence TEKAM. Jennifer wanted to check out the campsite for SUPA camp. I think Kedah SU Camp should be held there one day. The only thing it the journey would take more than 8 hours…? And, the guys' toilet is like the toilets in NS. Open bathing. I guess some guys would be uncomfortable with the idea. But the facilities there are quite lengkap I think. There are chalets, a swimming pool, a field, badminton and volleyball courts, dorms, halls, etc…

Anyway, we had bah ku teh for dinner (the famous one in PJ, by 1), and guess what, Josh says he has never had it before. Can you believe it? =D
"Da Niu".


siehjin said...

i think you guys did the sharing very well! =)

so much has changed since then... i'm not in SU anymore and have started working with my church... you've gone for NS and soon will be starting form 6... sigh. let's pray for each other as we continue on this journey into the unknown future! =)

Daniel Ting said...

=D yes! yes! yes!

life is moving on. but we still can help one another in our journey. =)

Anonymous said...

aiyah...every1 would hv the 1st time....