Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I can't believe that it's almost May already! I think time has never passed this fast for me... In a few more days, Form 6 shall start (and I don't know what to feel... Excited? Or scared?). And before you know it, Christmas has arrived, and carolling shall begin! And say goodbye to 2010, and hello to 2011. How time flies.

Ah... Sometimes, looking back and reflecting back on the events that happened throughout the year can be rather fun, don't you think? =] When you think about it, the events that happened just seems like yesterday, and there is a deep longing to get back to that time frame.

In January, I joined a program called SUSOM. There, I met 5 great friends. And, also many great mentors that has touched and built my life. Looking back, I miss those days. Ah, how I wish it was January 2010 again. =)

In February, I had the chance to visit Astro, head down to Penang and KL for short vacations. =)

In March, I joined Kedah SU Camp as a helper, and thus, after that, my National Service life began... until now.

I must say, God has blessed me with activities to keep me occupied. And I must say, I've never found my life after Form 5 boring, although many of friends are complaining that the period of 3 ~ 4 months after SPM was a rather boring time for them.

Thank you God!... and my parents too! =D

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