Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back from NSCF...

NSCF rocks! In case you do not know what NSCF stands for, NSCF stands for National School Christian Fellowship Leaders' Camp. And again I say, NSCF rocks! This year, the theme of the camp was Living Stones in a Broken World. Passage 1 Peter 2:4-14.

I have been attending NSCF for the past week, and I must say, that I encourage all the young Christians to attend NSCF if possible. It was a mistake that last year I couldn't attend this camp. I wish I went. Sigh. Too late to regret.

I'll be writing what I learnt there and the people i've met there for the next few days. And my journey going there and back.

I wrote this on the bus yesterday, because I had nothing to do.
Life passes on,
the present becomes history,
and history will be soon forgotten.

I get older by the day,
time passes without you noticing,
sometimes so fast,
that sometimes you think it wasn't there at all.

Treasure time.

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