Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parents can sometimes drive one up the wall! [Part 2]

Continued from Part 1...

2. They can't wait.

Agree or disagree?
Agreed. When parents want something, they want it instantly. They cannot wait a little while. Not even a while. When I'm using the computer, if they ask me to get something for them, if I say wait. Their reply will be "Daniel, off the computer!". With this, I'll be forced to leave the computer and get the things they want. Why can't they ask after or before i do something? I don't mind doing it for them. Just hoping they will be more patient and considerate.

Maybe a Part 3 will be out soon...

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AJ7 said...

Allow the parent to comment now.... now what do you say to a boy who has numbed you with a reply of "I'll get it done...later". Later comes (and later can be half a day later) and the things that he said will be done is still NOT done. This scene is repeated...again and again. Isn't this a bit like Pavlov's theory... we got wind that his afterwards tak boleh if anything needs to be done...must do it immediately. If not, it'll never get done. When Pavlov came out with his theory..(u know the doggy experiment??), I guess he wasn't thinking of the teenagers. LOL!!!