Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4th day in NSCFL....

I wonder why they planned NSCFL during SPM time? I want to go next year! Sigh. I regretted not going last year. *Regret* Sigh! I wish I had a time machine.

By the fourth day, i had already got used to making up at 7:15 a.m. I need not people to wake me up =).

Plenary session 4 was about QT. That stands for Quiet Time. It is important to do QT. It is like the only time, God can speak to you alone. Well, I have not being doing it quiet regularly, because I'm lazy and sometimes just too busy. We have to learn how to prioritize our time. God must be in our time no matter what. He is the most important. Sometimes, your own thoughts might be God speaking to you. You just need to differentiate.

We took a group photo after the session. And all the campers shall be receiving it soon by mail. I can't wait! I want to see the pictures. There was another plenary session after that.

In the afternoon, the workshop was about BGR. BGR stands for boy girl relationship. There were two different sessions running at the same time. One for the younger group, one for the older group. Well, the talk Sieh Jin gave was good. It made me realize.

There was a big let down on the fourth day though. Because the games were canceled. Sigh. Due to rain. Toothpaste rain! We had free time instead.

I can't remember the night's theme talk was about what. Because I think I was very sleepy. I couldn't absorb much that night. Sigh. What a waste!

Five day coming up soon... Remember to check soon.


Lee said...

GBR wow....ngek ngek....

Daniel Ting said...

Never hear before?