Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NSCF [Day 3]...

The first two days passed so fast. The links to the 1st day and 2nd day are here. I wished time would just slow down a little. Half of camp gone.

There was something special about today. In the afternoon, there was to be a special project. I didn't know what it was about. I was waiting in curiosity. The plenary session, the talk was about 7 reasons why the bible is God's word. The seven reasons are:
  1. Amazing Unity
  2. Indestructibility
  3. Historical Authenticity
  4. Scientific Coherence
  5. Prophetic Fulfillment
  6. Absolute Meanings
  7. Life-Transforming Power
After listening to the speaker, I was reassured that the bible is God's word. If not, the bible may be just a story book, or a book of songs. The bible is God's word.

The special project turned out to be planning lunch for the officers with entertainment. They gave us 2 hours to plan while they went out shopping. It was cool.

We had free time today. I played basketball others from other states.

After dinner was, a little worship and the third theme talk. The theme talk was an interesting one. The speaker talked about who lives in you. And what do friends need. Well, the person that lives in me is God. God uses us to speak to the non-Christians, because they have not invited Christ to live with them. We are like God's ambassadors.

Galatians 5:14 says "Entire law is summed into one command "Love your neighbor as yourself."

I sorta wrote a song after listening to the message. Here goes:
What do we need as Christians?
O... What do we need?
We need God.
Yes! God!

Let's all get together,
and unite as one!
Make it possible!
Spread the gospel!
I didn't finish the song, cause it was time to break into our small groups to share about what happened that day.

Fourth day coming up soon...


All things beautiful said...

It'll be such a waste if you do not finish up your song.... and maybe you can incorporate that into the skits / dramas the MYFers put up every year. I really enjoy all the acts you guys present each time. Keep it up!

Daniel Ting said...

thanks! :)