Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seat belts...

Starting from next year onwards, all car users, that means passengers AND drivers need to buckle up. To me, it will make some difference, because I only buckle up when I sit in front, and not at the back, because when you sit at the back, wearing the safety belt makes it a little uncomfortable.

Why are safety belts fixed in cars? It is fixed in cars reduce the number of casualties in car accidents. I learn in Physics about the safety features installed in cars to protect the car users, and this is one of them.

So, who will be fined if they don't follow the law? The drivers or the passengers? I think both should be fined. Why do I think that the drivers should be also be fined? Because, in my opinion, I think the drivers should be responsible in telling the passengers to buckle up. The passengers must also be fined because of breaking the law.

Safety belts are called SAFETY belts for a reason. It's for your own safety. I think, without the law, we should also buckle up for our own safety. But, sadly, people don't see the benefits of buckling up.

I must make a habit now to buckle up, when I'm sitting behind.


prorogue said...

i dont buckle up sitting in front or behind..!!haha

AJ7 said...

aiyo....u always go against the norm wan...buckle up lah...u and i...we are flesh and bones. flesh can be cut..bones can be broken. don wan to have legs and hands hanging here and there all bandaged....and in cast, do we? 8)

Daniel Ting said...

so, everybody, learn to buckle up!
Such a hassle!