Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Random Shot @ Gurney Plaza! =)

A random shot @ Gurney Plaza. I like this picture! What say you?Back to Part 2 of my recent Penang Trip... I bought an SAT book that cost RM 99.90 @ MPH & Christmas candy! After walking tirelessly at Gurney Plaza, we headed to New World Park @ Lorong Swatow for dinner!
There is a hawker center in New World Park. Looking at the number people eating there, I think the food there must be quite nice. There is even a store there selling wooden carvings and old stuffs, like old coins and postcards.

My family and I decided to try something new, so we headed to Passions of Kerala, an Indian restaurant, originating from North India I think.
The food there was okay larh, I guess. I think the food at Cennai Curry House in SP is much nicer. But, I think that is because of my lil sis, my mother asked the waiter to lessen on the usage of chilli. I think I would have prefered it to be more spicy.
The main set with different veggies.
Additional Dishes.
I think the food was overall okay. The service was great! But, I would think twice before going there again though.

Christmas is in 3 DAYS!

MYF Christmas Party is TOMORROW


Choocolate said...

不知道为什么,我不喜欢那张你拍Gurney Plaza的照片……

Daniel Ting said...

= =
u afraid of heights hor?

Choocolate said...