Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Been Watching Movies Lately... =)

Been watching movies lately, something I have not done since the month before SPM started. These two movies were graciously lent by Samantha... =)

First movie... "Taken".

A very nice movie! This show is about a retiree of an CIA employee, divorced. He has a daughter, and she goes to Paris with her friend Amanda. His daughter gets kidnapped by human traffickers. He goes to Paris and saves his daughter.

This movie has non-stop action! Plenty of shooting! It also shows how much a father would go through just to save his daughter.

My Rating for this movie: 8/10.

Next movie... "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past".
I somehow find this movie rather boring comparing to the movie "Taken". This movie is about a playboy, making girls love with him. Once they fall in love with him, he dumps them. At one time, he breaks up with 3 women at a time. He attends a wedding of his brothers, and nearly ruins it. 3 ghosts visits him, and he is a changed man.

I find the storyline a little lame and boring. It's somehow like copied from Mr. Scourge, just that this is a different scenario. Oh well...

My rating for this movie: 5/10


♥ Yi En ♥ said...

bo jio leh u...teruk..

:Penthius: said...

+Haha, well, Ghost of girlfriends past are more suitable for girls. Not the kind of movie I thk guys would prefer.

Daniel Ting said...

To Yi En:
Come lar... = =

To Penthius:
Ya... I didn't realize that until I watched it.

Celina Eshlyn said... movies sounds interesting..
tho i dun think i'll WANT 2 watch dem..wanna watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2!!! XD

Daniel Ting said...

Alor Setar dun have lar... = =

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.