Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Secret (SP) Restaurant....

Psst! Hey people, wanna know a new secret? Visit the New Secret (SP) Restaurant in Sungai Petani, Kedah! XD It's a restaurant that serves REAL Chinese food (Not Malaysian Chinese food)!This restaurant is located near Village Mall, if you know where I mean. AND!, if you do decide dine at this restaurant, you must know how to speak Chinese, or hokkien!
The veggies, topped with chicken floss.
I somehow do not like this porridge. I do not know why. The texture is much different, compared to the porridge I normally take.
Porridge topped with spring onions...
Chicken in some sauce (I don't know what sauce is it)...
This might take some getting use to. Other than chicken, they serve eel in this kind of sauce too (I think, I saw the other tables all getting their meat in pots).
The appetizers.
The food served here is just not my taste. I do not appreciate this kind of food. I think the origins of this type of cooking is from China, where people eat these kind of foods to keep warm in the winter months. Maybe after you tried the food there, you can give me some feedback of what you think? =)

My rating for this restaurant is 6.5/10.


♥ Yi En ♥ said...

all restaurants let DanT rate jiu cham liao..nobody can eat le..

Daniel Ting said...

= =
really ma... = =