Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey! FarmVille is bigger than Twitter!

Can you believe it? I was reading from TechRadar just now.

Facebook: FarmVille is bigger than


Big numbers revealed, as the site hits 350 million users

What is the world coming to? This statistics are really mind-blowing! Bigger than TWITTER??? Imagine spending an hour a day on FarmVille. In a week, you will have spent 7 hours on it. In a month, a day plus 7 hours (assuming the month has 31 days)! In a year, you would have spent 15 days and 5 hours on it! Imagine the time wasted, just to farm online, which does not bring you anything except pleasure for that few minutes.


prorogue said...

what to do.. not everybody has a real farm:P

Celina Eshlyn said...

yeah nt everyone has a real farm..haha..
i like wat prorogue said..haha..
n i agree with de last sentence..