Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lunch @ Sitiawan! =)

I visited my grandparents last Saturday. I got the chance to see my uncle in KL, with my three small cousins! =)

Isn't she cute? =) Small kids are always cute!
We had lunch at this restaurant, called "Restoran Mei Hock", located in the middle of nowhere (to me). Of the whole row of shops, only a few shops are up and running, the rest are just empty lots crying out to be rented out.
This restaurant is located @...This restaurant's menu is different from the other restaurants in Alor Setar, instead of just giving you the names of the food, a picture of the dish is also shown in the menu, making the menu quite thick. I think this is not such a good idea for menus, because the customers would be wasting time flipping through the whole menu, just to order what they want. The food there was quite okay. I liked their salad prawns, and the 5 in one dish.
4 of the dishes. The salad prawn dish is located at the bottom left of the four. =)
Another 4 dishes. I did not like the fried brinjal (top right corner) and the chicken (bottom left corner).
Overall, the food was rather good. I must say I pretty much enjoyed it. The gave us free soya-bean jelly as desert too! =)

My rating for this restaurant would be about 7.5/10.

Another picture of my cousin! =) He's cute, right?


Celina Eshlyn said...

interesting ^^
cute cousins u gt XD

All things beautiful said...

He's ADORABLE! :-) Up for sale? Hehehe!