Monday, December 28, 2009

MYF Christmas Party... =)

Ah... MYF Christmas Party was a great success! For those you don't know what MYF Christmas Party is... MYF Christmas Party was held on the 23rd of December at Wesley Methodist Church, Alor Setar @ 6:00 p.m. till 9:30 p.m. We had an estimated attendance of 180 people, much more than we expected!God works in mysterious ways! Just days before this party, we were in doubt whether we could get even a 100 people to come. But in the end we had more than we targeted! 100 had seemed impossible, but 180+ came! I don't even know where some of the people came from!
The three lovely ushers @ the registration table.
Stickers were stuck onto the youths who came so that the youths would get to know each other. The ushers also took down their personal details so that in future, we can contact them and tell them any upcoming events of MYF and invite them to join! =)
The crowd (Nobody dares to sit in the front row =P).
We had a little time of worship first, followed by a skit. The skit will be out in youtube soon. The size of the video is about 1 GB +, so you understand that it will take quite awhile to upload it on youtube. Our speaker for the Christmas Party was Aunt Chiam with a message entitled "God's Love". I enjoyed her talk (although I only got to listen to half of it, because I had to go upstairs and help with the food).
We had makan time after the message! I don't have any shots of the food though, my photographer didn't take much there, the ones she took were all blur... =( But oh well, there are some pictures on it on facebook posted by others... =)

After makan time was time for some games and performances! =)
Hazel and Samantha are competing against each other to see who has the nicer smile... Hazel won (but I think Samantha should have won. Her smile is nicer. =P)
I think all of us including the new-comers, enjoyed the games... =) The girls did a tambourine dance. And the worship team then did a sing-along.

I think overall, everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. I also think the ones planning and preparing for this Christmas Party also had a great time practices and fellowship together. We got to know one another better, like Edward, he's still "high" from the skit. haha...
Group Photo!
Look at Su-Yen!!! XP
In conclusion, let's have a BIGGER one NEXT YEAR! =)

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