Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ARGH!!! SPM TRIALS IS IN 27 DAYS TIME!!! I feel so unprepared!!!

So many subjects to study. Bio, Chem, Phy, Sej, and Moral. The MEMORIZING subjects!!! Isn't there a better way to study these subjects?

I was doing Additional Mathematics Modal SPM papers just now. And I found out that I still can't answer quite a number of questions!

List of Additional Mathematics chapters I need brushing up:
  1. Rates of Change (Form 4 Chapter 9 Differentiation)
  2. Form 4 Chapter 11 Index Numbers
  3. Geometric Progression (Form 5 Chapter 1 Progressions)
  4. Form 5 Chapter 4 Vectors
  5. Form 5 Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions
  6. Form 5 Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
  7. Form 5 Chapter 7 Probability
  8. Form 5 Chapter 8 Probability Distributions
The reason I'm having so much problems with my Form 5 back chapters is because I'm those chapters are still rather new to me. I've got to start doing exercises on those weak chapters everyday from now on if I expect to achieve the results I want. HELP ME!!!

How do you expect me to survive this kind of torture??

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Xuelin said...

Relax...41 friends of ours (including you and me) are taking SPM this year and no one has dropped dead yet...LOL