Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dan's Blahs on the Book of Luke... [Chapter 3]...

Let me see... Where have I stopped at, oh ya, Chapter 2!

The story then focuses back on the ministry of John the Baptist. John went through the whole territory of Jordan River and preached about the word of God. Many were baptized by him. Some tax collectors who were baptized ask him what should they do. John said "Don't collect more than is legal." Some solders who were baptized also asked him the same question, and John replied "Don't take money from anyone or accuse anyone falsely." Some of the people who were baptized by him were debating whether he was Messiah that was prophesied years ago. John was put in prison by Governor Herod, because he had married Herodias, the brother's wife.

Now, one very important man was also baptized by John the Baptist. In his years in the Jordan River baptizing people, he also baptized Jesus!

To me, I think what John said was very logical and also very true.

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