Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Additional Mathematics Kelas Galus Today...

Today I attended Additional Mathematics Kelas Galus! And I must say that the Kelas Galus teacher is much better. She will go round the class and ask whether if there's anything you don't understand. And if you don't, she will explain it to you one to one. I think this much better than the Kelas Cemerlang teacher (no offense).

Additional Mathematics Problem Chapters:
  1. Rates of Change (Form 4 Chapter 9 Differentiation)
  2. Form 4 Chapter 11 Index Numbers
  3. Geometric Progression (Form 5 Chapter 1 Progressions)
  4. Form 5 Chapter 4 Vectors
  5. Form 5 Chapter 5 Trigonometric Functions
  6. Form 5 Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
  7. Form 5 Chapter 7 Probability
  8. Form 5 Chapter 8 Probability Distributions
1 down! 7 to go!


meow said...

so cool...
so organized..

Daniel Ting said...

where got?