Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today's ASEAN Selection Papers...

I sat for my English and Maths ASEAN selection papers today. It was tough! Their Maths standard is like our Add Maths standard but two times harder! I did not expect their Maths paper to be that tough! The format of the paper was also like the format of the Add Maths paper, all subjective.

English on the other hand, was not as tough as I expected to be. There were two papers for this English test, comprehension and summary in one paper, and the other paper essay.The comprehension was not as tough I expected it to be. But the essay was tough! You are only given 30 minutes to complete the essay! And you have to write a factual essay! You have two options though... These are the questions that came up today:
  1. The media (e.g. television) influences the youth of the society.
  2. "Excellence is not based on academic achievements alone."
I wrote the first question, because when I looked at the second question, I was like totally blank!

There were quite a number of Keat Hwa 1 students there too, some of them were my old primary friends, like Swee Yong and the Double Kims, but I didn't get a chance to talk to them. Anyway, I have another paper to sit tomorrow, I better get some shut eye now. Tata...

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