Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Important is it that People Should Marry and Remain Married?

Is it important to stay married to the one you love for the rest of your life? The answer is yes! It's sad to hear that the number of cases of broken families, and divorce rates are on the rise. I pity those children who get stuck in between. The true meaning of marriage of the old has been changed and lost throughout the years.

In this technologically-advanced year, one would think that we. can get the basic principles of having a family right. But sadly, the awful truth is no. We can invent all sorts of unimaginable gadgets and come up with all sorts of ideas, but we can;t get the simplest thing in life right! Staying with the one you first married is not as complicated as complicated mathematical equations like, e = mc squared.

Why do I say it's important for people to marry and remain permanently married forever? When we exchange vows during the marriage, isn't it like committing yourself to that person for your whole life? It's a promise to each other, heard in front of so many witnesses. Does it mean the promises made are actually worthless? It's a commitment! Marriage is not a game or something that can be toyed around. And also, it's a promise to God to stay faithful.

How can a family even exist without a permanent marriage? If they are to have kids, how can the children be brought up without even the basic principles? The children will go astray, get mixed up with bad activities. They'll think loving someone is not something to be taken seriously too. The children will lose the basic principles of what a society should be made up of. It would be a pity to lose someone who could be great just because of the neglect of their parents. If this happens in one in every one thousand families, millions of lives might never realize their true potential.

With the basic foundation of a society in shreds, how then can we build a strong nation? Marriage is an institution associated with the family unit. The family unit in turn is the foundation to a society. So, if the foundation is in shambles, how is it possible for the country to be strong?

Don't you agree with me that it's important that people should get married and remain loyal to that person forever?


Yeow Chong Poh said...
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meow said...

i agree wif watever mr.34yrs-old here says!! haha..

Daniel Ting said...

are you sure?