Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korean Praise 2009!

I attended Korean Praise 2009 Alor Star! Only word can describe this, "Awesome"! The singers were fantastic! The saxophonist was superb! The speaker, Daniel Kim, was great! I think many people were touched by his sharing. I know I have. He has led a rather interesting life, born in Korea, raised up in Japan, studied in America, now serving in China. A great man, of a great history.
The Korean team!
The people who attended... (Full House!)
The organizer.
The saxophonist...
The guitarist with Aaron...
Daniel Kim (the speaker)...
Daniel Kim's built sure is something any boy would want to have. I wonder how long did he take to have such built. He did attend military camp in America for a few years, if I'm not mistaken.

Korean Praise is AWESOME!


prorogue said...

Yeah!!! pastor tough..haha.

Your Faked said...

lol...i like de pink-shirt guy Kim Shin Seok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why u can take pic with guitarist de? i mean aaron..

Jo-N said...

i like the cute guy singer.kaka