Friday, June 19, 2009

Life in 10 years?

Have you wondered where you'd be in 10 years time? Working? Still studying? Jobless? About to get married? Staying overseas? Sigh...

What about my friends now in 10 years time? Will they still remember me? Will they be my friends of tomorrow? Will we keep in touch still? Will be lose contact? Will we ever meet again in our whole life time? Questions...

How about the world in 10 years time? War? Peace? Polluted? Flying cars? Floating houses? Living on Mars?

Curiosity kills the cat.


Fake DanT said...

== u think so far for is still 2009 u think till 2019... sot sot de u...

Joyce TJL said...

Eh~ But really ohhh~~~
Now oso so hot adie at school like in oven~
What more in 10 years time mann~
All dead terbakar in school~
I alsothought of 10 years time condition back in school with y friends just recently~ Haha~


prorogue said... ten years?? its time to repent!!haha..
and common..i wont forget u..:P