Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ribs... At Aunty Chua's place...

Yummy, Aunty Chua sure knows how to cook good and delicious food. Today, she invited me and my family to her house for dinner. She prepared spaghetti in Alfredo sauce (I think), mashed potatoes (from pumpkin and potatoes), salad, and the main course, ribs!
Ribs... Yummy!
Everything together... A yummy and delicous set!
The spagetti was delicious. I had a second helping. Couldn't help myself. Maybe one day, I shall be able to cook this kind of food... :)
After eating, my sister and I sat comfortably and watched Atlantis in her house, while the adults talked.
All good things have an end... The sad news is, tomorrow back to school.. urgh!!!

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Lai Yu Zeng said...

My mouth is bad, no invitation for me...haha, joking