Monday, July 14, 2008

Doing a 50 cent experiment....

Last week, after lunch with Loh and family, we jalan jalan in City Plaza. I came across a vending machine. When you put 50 cent or a dollar in it, you get a little ball with something inside, usually something that is useless. Look what I got:
A little red ball with some green powder and a piece of instructions.Before
It said that the powder when added with water will turn into a snowball. Since when snow is green? But never mind... Maybe this is a chance I finally get to touch something that feels like snow.
Well, it did not exactly turn into a snowball, instead, it turned into some jelly like thing that can be clumped together. Disappointed.

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Lai Yu Zeng said...

My sis have this once, I think. She eventually clogged the sink with these balls. I still yet to cool down my temper on her...They call this what....erm..crystal ball de