Friday, July 11, 2008

Lunch at San Gai Char Chan Teng...

Well, Jovaynne called and asked to have lunch because tomorrow was her birthday. When we got there, look who me met.
Hey, it's a goat. Pity the fella, under the truck...
Here we are, at this restaurant, called the San Gai Char Chan Teng restaurant.
This restaurant is located in Simpang Kuala, Kedah. This is a fusion food restaurant. The ambience in this restaurant is okey lah. Service is rather slow. The people serving don't understand English well. We had trouble communicating with them.
A green drink order by Loh, the drink tastes nice, very nice. A must try!
Soursop drink. But the blue coloring is a lot. The soursop is seedless though.
My drink. A must try for mint lovers! Topped with mint ice-cream.
My sister's fried rice. Very nice, fried with mixed veggies and luncheon meat... My sister ate the whole thing up...
What I ate, curry rice with baked cheese with seafood.
Haiz... I miss my mint ice-cream. You should try this restaurant. It's rather expensive though. 6 people eat, RM 69.30. Per person is about RM 11.50. I give it a 7.5/10 rating.

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Lai Yu Zeng said...

The greenish drinks looks like kiwi stomach drumming seeing these pics (I still haven't take my lunch yet...T.T)