Thursday, July 10, 2008

Add Maths frenzy...

Haiz.. Just two days ago, my maths teacher dropped a bombshell "In two days time, please pass up your add-maths and maths exercise book. If you don't pass up, next test minus 12 marks and demerit 2 marks." Wow! I thought a test is a test and school work should not be counted in tests. It's a little unfair. What is the main reason for schools conducting tests on students? To test them to see how much they know.

Fortunately for me, I got do his work, and only have a little not completed. But, I still fell the injustice in this scheme. I think the teacher should just demerit the students how don't complete his work. Or maybe hand this problem to the discipline teacher.

But everything has the good side. Basically, I think the teacher just wants us to do his work, so that we can excel in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Some students just don't do his work at all in class, instead, they read newspaper or just talk.

But this has backfired, because setting the deadline just two days, the students are just copying the solutions and answers from friends. This doesn't benefit them at all....

So, how do you say it? Is this a good move a not of the teacher???

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Lai Yu Zeng said...

I would rather describe it as a tsunami for our class :P