Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guan Eng (Penang) wants sitting shown live...

Penang wants to be the first state in the country to broadcast its state assembly proceedings live in RTM. The purpose of it is to let the public to see democracy in action...

Personally, i think it is a good move, because then we know what is going on in there, and not be in the dark. People will have an idea of what is happening. People will also know that things are being judged fairly and done fairly.

I think this should have been done long ago by the UMNO. I suppose they didn't think of it. Or maybe they did, but they didn't carry it out, because of some unknown reasons they didn't carry it out. It would have shown that they have nothing would hide, and people would still vote them.

Conclusion, I think it is a good move for the opposition to broadcast their state assembly proceedings live.

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