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SU Camp (Second Day)

Second Day (11/03/08, Tuesday)

Brr.... I woke up at 4, because it was extremely cold, freezing! I need heat! The air conditioner was at 19 degrees. So, since I could no longer sleep there, I went to the library and slept. There was a nice and comfortable sofa there. So warm!!! I woke up later at 7. After doing the normal morning routine (brushing teeth etc...), I went down to play a little ping-pong before heading to the basketball court for the morning exercise. We had the normal stretching exercise. After exercising, I went for the morning devotion in my group. We were given a book each, "Quest for Truth" by Scripture Union.
I learnt quite a bit from the morning devotion. Quote "Only fools say in their hearts "There is no God". They are corrupt, and their actions are evil, no one does good!" from Psalms 53:1 (The New Living Translation Bible). I've learnt that the one who says that he believes in God is not the fool, but the fool is the who says there isn't. I support this because, I believe that the man who says he doesn't believe in God is trying to be better than our Creator.

After morning devotion, I had breakfast at the dining hall with my friends. But before we could eat our breakfast, we had to recite the daily memory verse. If you are called and you fail to recite it, you will have no breakfast. I kena"ed" that day. I had to recite it many times that day to Uncle Ti Peng because each time I recited it, I seemed to forget a few words, either I jumble out the words, or I leave out a few words. Haiz... See the food already so hungry, can't concentrate. Hehe... We had french toast with either jam, peanut butter or kaya. Each of us would get two slices each, if you are still hungry, we could get a free flow of white bread. I put everything on my french toast, kaya, jam and peanut butter (so each side had a different taste, yummy! Sam said I would get a stomach-ache, but I didn't :) ).

After breakfast, we headed for the meeting room for SESSION 2! We had stimulation games as usual. This time, we played word hunt. Each group had to guess the word given to the camp officer. There were also forbidden words. We ask the questions with the forbidden word in it. And the camp officer can only answer, yes, no, or forbidden. Tough eh? There were 6 stations. Some stations were easy, some were tough. Jian's station was the hardest. He kept making up his own forbidden words, making us clueless... I can't remember all the words at the stations though, but I think they are: "a parrot that talks"; "tree"; "barbie doll"; "fish"; "car"; and "human being". Our group narrowed the possibilities by asking "Can it respire?" "Can it photosynthesize?" etc... After the stimulation games, we had a talk by Jimmy Wang. By then, I was tired out. I can vaguely remember what he talked about.

We were told immediately to prepare ourselves for the outing after the talk. We were given 15 minutes to prepare. There wasn't much to prepare anyway, just take a few stuff and off we go. We were suppose to have lunch at Daybreak, the place we were visiting. I slept the journey yo Daybreak, i was tired out! The journey from the campsite to Daybreak took about 30 minutes.

Let me tell you a little about Daybreak. Daybreak stands for
Adults &
Encouraged &
Accepted in
Daybreak was formed in 1992, the year of my birth. It started as a dream, a dream to help the people with disabilities. It started with the church members of Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh. They organized a walkathon that raised RM 52,000 to help establish the first main centre in Jalan Bandar Timah, Old Town, Ipoh. It was a shop lot. The Canadian High Commission saw the need for a bigger space with the growing number of trainees, made it possible to move to Gopeng through the Canada Fund Local Initiatives on March 18, 1995. Pusat Daybreak became an association on November 4th, 1996 and was officially renamed Persatuan Daybreak. Since the establishment of Daybreak started in 1992, a total of 500 people with disabilities have been registered with the association. Persatuan Daybreak's new premises in Pengkalan Pegoh, Lahat was officially opened on 24th April, 2003 by His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah.

When we arrived, we immediately had our packed lunch. Lunch was fried rice, veggie and 2 fried tofu. It lunch was okay. Then, we went into the meeting room of Daybreak. There, the caretaker told us all about Daybreak's history and programmes they have been running. The caretaker also showed us a video about Daybreak's history. Daybreak has been running many programmes since they started. In 2001, they expanded of training programmes, because of the availability of space. They were able to have a sheltered workshop, an open market employment program and a home-based employment program. In 2002, Daybreak carried out another program, the Plant Nursery Project. They started it with a grant from the Finland Embassy. The following year, Daybreak started manufacturing socks! After the talk by the caretaker. We were shown around the center. We spitted into 2 groups. We were brought around to see the sheltered workshop, the nursery etc... Later when we were done being brought around, we were asked to help in cleaning with the people with disabilities. After that, we were taken to a store that sold things made from Daybreak in the center. I bought a ladybird soft toy for my sister.

We headed back to the campsite after doing all the shopping. I played a little ping-pong with my pals and then took a bath and prepared the table. It was our groups duty that night to prepare the table, cutlery etc... Dinner was as usual great!
The third session soon started not long after dinner. We had stimulation games as usual. That night, we played treasure hunt. We had to find clues located at various places at the campsite. SWORD was No.4. We had to find envelopes with No.4.

First, we were given the following clues:

  1. The group cannot talk throughout the whole Treasure Hunt except for one appointed member. Choose the appointed member now.
  2. Look for next envelop based on the clues given below when the whistle is blown. The clues lead you where to look for it.
  3. The whole group must be together throughout the Treasure Hunt.
  4. Your next envelop will have the Number 4 written in blue. Take your own envelop only.
  5. If any of the above instructions or rules are not done or broken, please see the Camp Director before you continue with the Treasure Hunt.
  1. John 10 v9
Did you know where was the clue was? On the wall at the front gate of the campsite.
The next clue was hilarious.

  1. Choose 2 members of the group to be blindfolded before proceeding to find the next envelop. Get the blindfolds, blind-fold the chosen members and get on with the Treasure Hunt.
  2. All the members of the group is to do 10 push-ups before continuing the game.
  3. The whole group must be together throughout the Treasure Hunt.
  4. Your next envelop will have the number 4 written in red. Take your envelop only.
  5. If any of the above instructions or rules are not done or broken, please see the Camp Director before you continue with the Treasure Hunt.
  1. Isaiah 44 v3
We had Jonathan running up and down to get the blind-folds. We broke the rule, instruction number 3. Jui Shan and Yi Hong was blind-folded. The next clue was located near the swimming pool. I lost the paper of the next clue. But the last clue was to get back the meeting room and solve a riddle. "This game was fun! Everybody cheated but not us!" Then we had a talk. A talk about cheating. People cheat to win, or sometimes they are just "kia su". Some cheat to jaga their reputation, some are too egoistic. Some are too proud and some cheat because they are plain lazy. How do people cheat? They cheat in various ways. Don't follow instructions, copying, lying to win, deceiving are examples of methods of cheating. Cheating is sin, you know. The consequences of cheating is not good at all. Your "akhlak akan runtuh", people do not believe in you, you might be even be cut off of God's grace, or the other person's you blamed will have his reputation to be bad. So, we, must say NO to cheating. Expose those who cheat! In the mean time, pray for them too.

After the talk, we had supper. I bought mee in the cup for RM 1.50 from the campsite. After that lights out.

Coming up 3rd day of camp!

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