Monday, March 31, 2008

I want to go to Japan when I'm 20!

I can't wait to come of age! Being a teenager sucks now, but later on, I think when I'm older, I'll regret I said this. Being a teenager isn't easy, emotional problems, pressure, homework, the list could go on... I thought teenage life is the best??? I suppose varsity life is much better? Life should be better then.
The phrase "coming of age" is used to describe the moment when a teenager becomes a adult. In Japan, a nation-wide celebration is held once a year in January to welcome youth into adulthood! Beat that! ONLY those who are 20 years old can attend!!! Who better can it get? Why doesn't Malaysia have this kind of celebration?
The "Coming of Age Day" or "Seijin no hi" is usually held on the second week of January. It is even a national holiday in Japan! As new adults, the youths are given the freedom to drink, smoke, the right to vote and can take legal action without seeking parent's permission. All 20 year old will get to celebrate their birthday together in civic centers and shrines in every town. It shall be the biggest birthday party ever!!! Imaging a huge gathering of 20 year olds!!! What fun it would be!!! How I wish there was such an occasion here in Malaysia.

When they celebrate this occasion, they also wear a special dress, called the "kimonos", worn only at ceremonial events. It is a traditional dress. Kimonos are expensive, even when it's rented. RENTED! It cost about $ 1000 to rent a kimono. Don't even dream about purchasing it. It costs from $ 4000 to $ 10000 to buy a kimono!!! $ 10000 for a dress??? A DRESS? CRAZY!

After the ceremony is over, they either go out for dinner with their friends or family or continue into the night at ceremonial halls and nightclubs.

Now, wouldn't it be fun if Malaysia had a Coming of Age Day for the 20 year olds???

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