Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life goes on...

3 months has passed,
25% percent of the year has passed,
before you know it,
it's already May.
I can't believe that,
one of I've finished Form 3.
When I was in Form 3,
I thought it was tough,
but actually, Form 4 is tougher.
My exams ended just before the March holidays.
I did rather badly this time,
distracted by other things,
Sports Day, merentas desa, school activities...
How can I concentrate?
With all the pressure?
Why is Malaysia's education system like this?
Wouldn't it better if we followed the US education system?
Wouldn't we have more time for hobbies?
Then just study and tuitions?
Must there be UPSR and PMR?
Wouldn't it be better if there is only SPM?
Wouldn't there be less stress? Less pressure?
With the subjects im taking,
I don't know how can I go on...
With my this time exam results,
I feel kinda disappointed.
I know I didn't pay my full attention to my studies,
and was distracted by something else.
I must now face the consequences.

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