Saturday, March 22, 2008

SU Camp (Third Day)

SU Camp 3rd Day (12/03/08)

Yawn! Woke a little later than the given time. I had little time to prepare before the exercise. Today the exercise would be indoors. What exercise can be indoors? A game? Well, truly enough, it was a game. About doing actions when the leader shouted the order. Like when the leader shouted "King", we had to bow down, if the leader shouted "Queen", we had to wave, etc. We were told to kneel in a circle, the knees must touch each other (own and other people's). The game was quite fun!

After the exercise, we headed to our own devotion groups. Quote"Your (God) made all the delicate, inner parts if my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous - and how well you know it." Psalms 139 :13 - 14 The Bible (New Living Translation). If I ask you, "Who made you?", what will be your response? Most people will say "our parents did", right? Then, if I ask you who made your parents, you might answer "our grandparents did!". It can go on and on until "Who made the first human being?", how would you answer this question? In my opinion, I believe that God is our Creator. He created us. Don't you think so?

Breakfast time! I was really straving at that time. We had the usual, white bread with peanut butter, kaya, butter or jam. We had to memory verse again before tucking in. I got called, again. Haiz... After breakfast, session time!

Session 4 started with as usual with stimulation games. Today's game would be individual and not group. We were given a winner certificate, and have to go around and find the stations to get their signature. Before getting their signature, we must do something they say, related.
There was the car station.
Had to list down 5 Proton cars. Easy.
Family station.
Had to ask someone for marriage. What the.
Moral station.
I can't remember what I was suppose to do in this station.
Health station.
Had to do 25 push-ups.
House station.
Draw a house with at least five things in it. (But before going to the house station, you must complete the money station.)
Education station.
Haiz... This was tough... What is 456789 times 456789? Answer 208656190521. I got it wrong. My answer was 208656270532. So, didn't get the signature.
Career station.
List 5 jobs.
Friends station.
Had to drink water. Must give a friend a cup of water to drink.
Money station.
Find five different coins. (50 cent, 20 cent, 10 cent, 5 sen, 1 cent.)
& Charity station.  
Didn't have enough time to go there. But it was giving coins to 3 people. 

It was fun! Extremely fun! I got 8 out of 10. In the middle of the game, there were Mindy and Jimmy trying to lure us into a trap, where you do not have to do anything and have all the signatures. Luckily I didn't fall for it.

After that we had a talk about, everybody is a winner. Yes, everyone in the world is  winner! No matter what race there are, or black or white, they are still winners!

Later we were going to Gua Tempurung. Looking forward to it. We headed there right after the talk. We had our lunch there. Gua Tempurung was  a let down though. We were not going the wet part. Haiz... From fun, exciting, interesting to only interesting and boring. Haiz... A big let down. 

We came out of the cave at about 3. We stopped by a super market to buy swimming attire for those who wanted to swim, since it was still early. We had plenty of time to spare when we were back at the campsite. So, we decided to go play basketball.
Much later, we headed back to the room to bathe and get ready for dinner. Tonight was the last dinner we would be having here, at Harvest Haven. (Sad)

The last session started after dinner. We played "Who will survive?", something like the show "Lost". We were divided into groups. I was the hunter of my group. We were to go to 4 stations first. If we failed a station, we must sacrifice someone. Our group lost, because we sacrificed the engineer and priest too early. They were needed in the last part of the game. To repair the plane and fly the plane. Haiz... We had a talk right after the game. 

Alan Seow also let us watch a video about the crucification of Jesus. Who on Earth would do that for me and you? Only Jesus would.

After supper, we stayed up late till about 2 as it was the last night here at Harvest Haven... 

Lights out!

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