Monday, March 24, 2008

My Environment, My Hope

Before man was created, God created a good environment. He created the trees, the different type of animals, the crystal clear water, the picturesque sight of the waterfalls and other wonderful creations. After man was created, he exploited, destroyed and polluted the environment the Creator created for the pleasures of man. Do you still see crystal clear water rivers everywhere? Most rivers in the world are murky, dirty and polluted. Forests are being exploited by man to get a profit out of it. Man do not care to replant the trees chopped, making the environment hotter, polluted and dirty. This had a bad side effects. This will affect the future generations. Can we ensure that, there will be a place to live if we continue to treat the environment like we do now? In my opinion, if trees are being chopped down at this rate, the environment will be unfit for the future generations to live in.

More species of animals are becoming extinct. Due to the lack of habitats or overpopulation in one small area, animals have no where to live. Our future generations will be not able to see animals alive, but only see it in pictures of books. Why are you treating our environment like this? Icebergs are melting as I write this. More and more carbon dioxide are accumulating up in the atmosphere. The air is getting hotter. The sea water level is increasing due to the melting of ice in the south and north poles. People, wake up! Our environment will be gone if we do not take actions immediately. Maybe one day, it will snow in Egypt, or Nigeria Falls will dry up. Maybe the next ice age will come soon. Do we want this kind of drastic changes to happen to our environment? If the environment is not in good shape, we will have no hope, unless we can live on another planet and start anew.

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