Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More about the flood...

As I blog, it's raining now. The recent flood has made me paranoid about rain. Months ago, during the hot season, I was craving for rain. But now, I prefer sunny skies compared to rains. Sigh. I hope if a flood do happen again, the government will warn us 24 hours beforehand.

Continuing with my last blog post, I evacuated from my home to Aunt Chua's. After Biology exam, I had to find my way back through town to Taman Stadium. There were many roads being closed due to floods, and there was a massive traffic jam in Simpang Kuala. It seems that it was one of the few roads left to town.

That evening, when my father and I took a stroll down the taman to check on the monsoon drain, it was already overflowing. I was like "Here going to flood too? Where to next?".And true enough, the following day, at about 5 a.m., water started sipping in like a thief in the night. It was scary, I tell you. In just a mere 30 mins, the whole road was covered with water, and not to mention Aunt Chua's porch.
There was a discussion on where to park the car. Finally, it was agreed that two cars will be parked at City Plaza's top floor, although we thought it might be a little unsafe. On the way up, EVERY floor was PACKED with cars, except for the top-most floor. And, there were ROWS of BRAND-NEW CARS parked there, Suzuki Swift, Toyota cars, you name it. I guess the car-dealers were afraid that their cars might be flooded. It was a good thing too, because that meant that nobody would want to steal my car, as there are so many new cars around. =D
In the afternoon, Taman Stadium had already became like this. Later that night, the electricity was cut, and I had to spend the night in darkness and without a fan. =S I've became a creature of comfort, but thankfully, it was cooling that night.
Town in the afternoon.
More stories soon. :)

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