Saturday, November 13, 2010

MUET (Malaysian Univeristy English Test)...

I sat for my final 3 papers of MUET today. It was, urm... okay? I made a few careless mistakes here and there. But I guess that happens, nobody is prefect right? :)

I sat for Reading (Paper 3), Writing (Paper 4), and Listening (Paper 1) today. As for Speaking (Paper 2), I sat for it about a month ago.

Paper 3 was, tougher than all the exercises that I've done in school or in school-based exams. I've a bad habit when tackling a paper, that is always starting from the back to the front. I guess I was already blur when I reached the first text, and made a really CARELESS mistake! What was I doing? I can kick myself for that! I think I became rather panicky after I've read the last text!...because it was so hard to understand what the writer was writing about. Oh well, it has passed. Maybe I shall take it again next year.

As for Paper 4, I guess it was rather okay? Question 2 (the factual essay) was:
"In an arranged marriage, the choice of husband or wife is made by parents and elders. What do you think of this practice in today's society? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words."
I wrote more than required, I think, about 500 words on approximate count. I only had two main points, and the rest were examples and effects of the points that I've stated. Hopefully, the examiner understands what I wrote. :)

Listening (Paper 1), I was rather blur I think, or in the state of panic. I couldn't catch question number 3's answer, about when conservation on turtles started. It was hard to hear when you can hear 5 radios playing the same text but at different places. The listening test were held in 5 different classrooms, and the text being played above or beside the classroom I was in were so loud, it was distracting!

According to Wikipedia, did you know that MUET is only accepted by two countries? Malaysia and Singapore ONLY? How about other countries? Why isn't it recognized? All the hard work for nothing. I'm considering IELTS, another English test that is accepted worldwide. Anyone interested?

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